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Chris Smith

Chris is the Co-Founder and Brew Master at SLBC. Before opening their doors, Chris was a self-taught homebrewer for 8 years. When he's not brewing, you can find Chris in the mountains, shredding on his bike or skis.

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Nicole Smith

Nicole is also a Co-Founder and the Taproom manager. Nicole moved to Tahoe in 2002, where she met her husband and fellow beer-lover, Chris Smith. For years, she pursued a career in engineering but always wanted to start her own business in Tahoe. Whether she's drinking beer, snowboarding, hiking, or hanging with the family, Nicole will be making the most out of each and every day.

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Ethan Lennox

Ethan is our Operations Manager. Originally from the east coast, Ethan was introduced to the craft beer community when taking a college course on the "Biology of Beer." A growing craft-beer scene and endless rock-climbing opportunities are what drew him to South Lake Tahoe at the end of 2016.

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G.W. McDaniel

Also known as Gdub, G.W. is one of our taproom beertenders and recently part-time driver. What interested him in the craft beer scene was the passion he saw in craft brewers to make great beer. You'll find him on the mountains all year, whether that means mountain biking in the summers and snowboarding in the winters.


Ken Riegel

Ken is our sales manager, financial advisor, and part-time beertender. His son-in-law, Chris, introduced Ken to craft beer during his many years of home-brewing. On a nice day, you'll find Ken sitting at the pool or beach, reading a good book, and taking in the views. When bartending, he loves striking up a conversations with locals and visitors alike.  

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Kristin Riegel

Kristin is our Social Media Marketing Manager and a taproom beertender. She has Nicole and Chris to thank for introducing her to the craft beer scene. Originally a sour beer fan, her now preferred choice of beer on a hot summer day is a crisp IPA. Aside from beer, Kristin loves all-things yoga, nature, exploring, and everything in between.  


Nolan Van Herk

Nolan is our Cellarman and a beertender. Partial to pales, Nolan is happiest when drinking the hoppiest of beers. When he's not at the brewery, you can find him rock climbing around the Tahoe basin or ski touring during the snow season.

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Amy Lumley

Amy is one of our many friendly and adventurous beertenders. She is a very seasonal beer drinker/adventurer. In the winter, you can find Amy shredding the slopes or sipping on a nice IPA. Where as in the summer Amy prefers biking, paddleboarding, and drinking lighter beers.

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Robin Blair

Robin is one of our beertenders and longtime friend of Chris and Nicole. She was introduced to the craft beer scene in college, when the trio and a handful of friends preferred beer-tasting over wine tasting. Robin's favorite thing about working at SLBC is when new-to-beer drinkers come in and they aren't sure what to order. She loves making recommendations of different styles of beer to try.


Nikki Harter

A born-and-raised South Lake local, Nikki has a thirst for adventure and craft beer. When she's not beertending at SLBC, Nikki takes advantage of a day in Tahoe by hiking, biking, paddleboarding, or snowboarding. 


Drew Rabb

A Russian River beertender for over 10 years, Drew graces us with his beertending skills and knowledge during the week. Find him on the mountains in the winter, biking during the warmer months, and enjoying craft beer all year long!

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Daniel Zuhlke & Tuesday


Also known as Cheeks, Daniel's passion for craft beer expands from visiting over 100 breweries in 8 different countries over the years. Aside from his interest in craft beer, he is an avid nature-lover. Whether he's biking, hiking, running, SUPing, snowshoeing, etc. - Cheeks always tries to take advantage of the day outside. You will most likely find Tuesday, his lovable pup, by his side in or out of SLBC.

Barley Done (1).jpg


The original brew dog, Barley, is the inspiration behind our English Mild - the Land Otter. A chocolate lab full of kisses, Barley loves hanging at the brewery when his parents, Nicole and Chris, are working. Long walks on the beach and hikes in the mountains are a must on their days off. 

Morgan done.jpg


Morgan loves brewing beer with his dad, Nolan, at the brewery. He also loves adventuring in the mountains, whether his dad is climbing or back country touring. This pup can't wait to catch some powder this winter! Hobbies include, chasing tail, smiling, and climbing mountains.