Last but not least, meet our nature-loving bartender, Daniel Zuhlke.

What's your favorite brewery, aside from SLBC?

That's a really tough one. I've easily visited close to 100 breweries through 8 countries. They all have their merits. And as I definitely make a point of visiting breweries while traveling,  I'd say the next one I'm heading too. But it's always nice to come home to SLBC.

What interested you in craft beer?

It's really been a life long interest. My college days definitely turned me on to quality foreign beers, mostly European. Many years later after a few years of tee totaling, I had my first Chimay Red in the Grand Place in Brussels around 1998 and was forever changed. I moved to Belgium for awhile and really explored their beers. The Belgian beer scene was still new in the states as I came home., so in 2000 I got into Homebrewing. I was an avid home brewer for many years but now brew only occasionally. With Homebrewing and the Gold Coast Brewer's Association, I began touring breweries and really learning craft beer. My passion for craft beer continues.... 

What is your favorite SLBC beer?

So far I've enjoyed them all. Chris and Ethan are making some stellar beers. Working here, I've rotated through each style giving it a try for a week or so, enjoying them all. But I do have to say I always return to the Angora IPA.

When did you move to Tahoe?

I've moved up here in the summer of 2010.

What is your favorite trail in the Lake Tahoe basin?

The Tahoe Rim Trail is my current trail of choice, working on chipping away at it. The Pacific Crest Trail is probably up for me in 2019. Also super stoked about Tahoe Mountain trail and the new Angora Ridge trail right out my front door.

What'san extreme sport you like watching or participating in?

I'm pretty sure I don't qualify as a extreme sportist by Tahoe standards. But I'm eyeing kiteboarding and more mountain biking in my future. And lots of back country ski days this winter.

I do love catching most extreme sports on out somewhere. It's amazing what some humans can do.

When you're not working, how do you typically take advantage of a nice day in Tahoe?

Hanging with my girl, Tuesday, out in nature. We try to stay active by moving somehow, SUPing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, running, biking, scooting, flowing, skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing.

What do you like best about working at South Lake Brewing Company?

It's really great to be behind a bar again. Pouring beer is a pretty stress free career move for me and I'm loving the interaction with all our patrons, locals and tourists. Our place is so chill, most folks are so happy to be there and drink our beer. It's my happy place!