Last Friday, our brewhouse was delivered. The brewhouse is a 2-vessel, 10 barrel stainless steel beast that costs a pretty penny. If the brewhouse is dropped or scratched there goes $50K easily. Stressed yet? Yeah, so were we.

Luckily, Chris is a man of many talents. He's an engineer by trade, a brewer by passion, and a natural problem-solver. He took a forklift training class a few months ago and let's just say we are so very thankful he did.

With the morale support and direction of family, friends, and Ethan (our operations manager) - Chris was able to unload the brewhouse and other pieces of expensive equipment out of a huge 18-wheeler in the middle of a snowstorm. Once everything was unloaded, he carefully moved everything into the brewery.

By far the most stressful part of the day was having to remove some hardware from the mash tun so it could fit through our dock door. Even with the hardware removed, the mash tun was 7' 10" tall and the dock door was only 7' 11" tall! It was definitely a tight fit.

Chris and team saved the day and successfully moved all equipment into the brewery in less than 24 hours! Now with that problem solved it's time to move onto more construction... more posts to come shortly in the next few weeks!

Photos kindly provided by @cjvarela of Divided Line Media