We have been planning and dreaming of our first professional brew day for almost 5 years and today our dream came true! Chris and Ethan, with the help of James from Alpha Brewing Operations, brewed our Marlette Blonde.

The process started this morning with milling the 2-row malt and other grains. Then the grains were transferred into the kettle and mixed with the finest water in the world from Lake Tahoe. After the grains released enough sugar to create what is called a wort, it was transferred into the boiler where it reached boiling temperature. Hops were added to the mixture during the boil and then transferred into our fermentation tank. Yeast was then added to kick-start the fermentation process. The blonde will ferment in the tank for about 2 weeks under regulated temperatures and then be kegged for all of you to enjoy!

It was a really good day. Successful brew and smiles all around. Before you know it - our tasting room will be open and you'll be sipping on a SLBC Marlette Blonde!!