We've been open for almost two weeks now and would like to acknowledge some ongoing concerns.

Yes, we allow kids

Yes we allow dogs (on leashes of course)

Yes, there will be food (to an extent).

Parents, we know how difficult it is to find local spots where you can bring your kids. Luckily, you found one! Over the past couple of weeks we've welcomed all families with open arms. SLBC is the perfect spot to bring your kids along. You are more than welcome to bring some non-alcoholic drinks for them, though we provide water, and may have some "kid-friendly" drink options in the future. We currently have corn-hole for the kids to enjoy and will provide more games in the near future.

How many bars in Tahoe do you know of that allow dogs? Not many come to mind. We encourage dogs here...some bartenders even consider it a perk that comes with the job. But seriously, we love seeing all these smiling, furry faces in our brewery. However, please bring a leash with you. We've tried allowing dogs without leashes but our brewery quickly turned into a dog park...many laughs were had at the moment.

A few days a week we will have restaurant pop-ups, similar to the food truck system. You can check our calendar for the days where these restaurants sell their food on our premises. We also allow outside food, whether you want to order delivery or pick-up food on the way, that is more than welcome. In the near future, we will also sell a variety of snacks behind the bar. So have no fear, there will be food with beer.

These are just a few questions we've received over the past couple weeks. If you have any other concerns just comment below, on our social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram), or stop on by with your questions and will talk them over a beer :)