This Is the first question we always seem to be asked when talking about the brewery. It’s getting pretty funny now because, even though we are starting a brewery… a craft brewery that makes beer… almost every single person we talk to asks us what type of food we will have, if any. So the short answer is “yes, we will have food… all different types actually.”

Our business model is a very unique one for Tahoe… there is only one other craft brewery in the whole Tahoe region that shares our same concept when it comes to food. There are zero breweries in South Lake Tahoe without a kitchen. Why is this you think? It might have something to do with the expectations of tourists in South Lake Tahoe…or it might have to do with the fact that Tahoe is extremely behind the rest of the country when it comes to craft beer. But we will let you ponder that question more on your own.

So what is our plan for providing food you ask? Well, we won’t have a kitchen. At least not within our first six months of opening. We know that some of you might be disappointed to hear this, but do not lose hope because there are plenty of perks to this plan! First of all, we will be able to focus… really focus… on making the best beer possible! Now with that being said, if we had a kitchen and had to deal with all of the complications of food– we would lose this focus. Don’t you want to enjoy high-quality craft beer?! We think you do :-)

Secondly, No Kitchen Means we are able to partner with some wonderful and established restaurants in town. Most breweries we have patronized in other cities invite a different food truck  on-site every day! It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved! With this strategy, the brewery can focus on making and selling as much beer as possible, the food truck can focus on making and selling the best food possible, and the customers can focus on drinking and eating the best beer and food possible. Plus, by rotating food trucks, customers tend to gain a new experience every time they visit the brewery.  New Menus + Different Beer Pairings= Maximizing Their Taste Buds and Experience.

At South Lake Brewing Company, we want to create this same awesome food truck and craft beer experience for all of you. The only problem is the lack of food trucks in our fine town. Ever wonder why Tahoe doesn’t have a ton of food trucks? Or really any food trucks in that matter. We have wondered the same thing. Thankfully, this problem is can be easily overcome with restaurant pop-ups. You will be happy to hear that at SLBC, we plan to host a different food vendor on-site, two to five times a week. We already have tentative dates for restaurants such as - ChimayO Street Grill, Pretty Odd Wieners, and Brother’s Bar & Grill - to be on-site at the brewery selling their delicious food.

We realize it is important to offer food with alcohol and we definitely do not want anyone driving home intoxicated from the brewery. We will also offer snacks available for purchase at all times, even when a food-vendor is not on-site. You may also bring in your own food or order delivery to the brewery during the times when a food vendor is not present.

Now you see why the short answer to the BIG food question is “all different types”. We hope you are as excited for this plan as we are. We Look Forward To this unique strategy That encourages a collaborative community of local businesses. The excitement we have to create awesome beer for you all and to partner with the many great local restaurants in town, goes beyond the peaks of our surrounding sierra mountains.

Need not to fear if you prefer enjoying a 3-course meal with your beer - we also plan on selling kegs of SLBC beer to many local restaurants around the basin. Yes, we will eventually be on tap at numerous bars and restaurants in town. So with that being said, instead of food being the number one question here at SLBC - we plan to be the answer to the number one question we know every bar and restaurant gets in South Lake Tahoe – “What local craft beer do you have on tap?” Pretty soon the answer will be “South Lake Brewing Company”