Introducing Nolan Van Herk. Nolan is our Cellarman and another rad Beertender!


What's your favorite brewery?

For the last few years it's been Ballast Point. Mammoth and Sierra are close seconds, but I really like the way a lot of BP's line is a big hoppy family.

What is your favorite type of beer?

I'm very partial to Pales. Regular pales, india pales, doubles, etc.; just give me all the hops.

What interested you in craft beer?

There's a lot of aspects about the craft beer world that I really appreciate now, but in the beginning it was just the simplicity of enjoying a tasty cold snack. At the end of (or during) a long day, few things are as satisfying as a finely crafted beer.

When did you move to Tahoe?

After many years of waiting, I was able to make the logistics work and relocate permanently to South Lake in 2014. 

What's an extreme sport you like watching or participating in?

I don't know how extreme it always is, but my main passion is rock climbing and I've been getting more into ski touring as the years pass as well. Tahoe has an insane quality to ease of access ratio for touring and it's difficult to ignore.

When you're not working, how do you typically take advantage of a nice day in Tahoe?

In the winter I'm slayin' pow, and spring through fall I'm out savoring the world class granite we have so much of.

Do you have a favorite lake around Tahoe and why?

Eagle Lake; for such a relatively short hike, once you're back there, it feels like you're way back in the mountains. It doesn't hurt that some of my favorite climbing in the region is perched just above the lake either.

What excites you the most about South Lake Brewing Company?

Between the team, the environment, and the patrons it's really hard to choose just one aspect. If I'm being honest though, it's probably the beer.  We just brew really, really good beer. And I'm into that.

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