It's no secret we like bears here at SLBC. From our coasters and t-shirts, to our kegs and growlers. The bear is the symbol of our establishment. The question is...why did we choose a bear as our logo?

The bear was chosen for many reasons:

For one, it is a symbol of our community. An animal cherished and protected in the mountain town we call home. The bear is no stranger to our neighborhood...we've seen at least 5 this summer around the brewery!

Though, another reason we love bears so much has to do with a story that goes way back in the day. A story that has only been brought up during our many family dinners...until now:

It all started when Nicole, co-owner of SLBC, was just a toddler. Originally from the East coast, her parents decided to pay a visit to the West coast for a family vacation. After spending some time in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, it was time to pack up the car and head out to Yosemite. Well Nicole had a special teddy bear and her parents asked her whether or not she wanted it with her in the backseat. Little Nicole said no, so they packed the teddy bear away in her suitcase and put it in the back of the car. And of course this suitcase happened to be at the bottom of the trunk. Later that day, while they were driving, Nicole decided that she did in fact want her bear. She began calling out, "I Want My Bear!" When her parents told Nicole they could not stop at the moment to get her bear, she continued yelling, "I WANT MY BEAR, I WANT MY BEAR!" The counting of this expression stopped at 1000...

Needless to say, Nicole finally got her bear at the age of 28. The bear has become the symbol of SLBC and the core of our brand.

On a side note, have you noticed the 6 dots within our bear? If you look closely, you will see the Big Dipper in the lines of the bear! According to many historical civilizations - like the Romans and some Native American cultures, this special constellation in the sky has been seen as the Great Bear. Tahoe is a well known location for star-gazing and we are blessed with many clear nights to enjoy our gorgeous celestial sky.

So there you have it - a bear and stars - two major elements of Tahoe and now South Lake Brewing Company's logo and symbol. And now you know the story behind the bear.