Meet the newest member of the SLBC family, and our newest bartender, Drew Rabb. 


What's your favorite brewery, aside from SLBC? 

Well, I have to default to Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa CA. This one is not just based on beer, solely for me. I would go with Cooperage Brewing in Santa Rosa as well. Their beer is awesome and it's fun too.

What interested you in craft beer? 

I have basically always been interested in craft beer.  Beer, wine, and food have always been my biggest passions. The tastier the better right?

What is your favorite SLBC beer?

The Pillow Line Pale Ale. The beer is a well-crafted, easy drinking pale making it a super approachable beer.

When did you move to Tahoe? 

Kymber and I bought our home here in winter 10'-11'. We had Prudence in 13' and came full time then.

What is your favorite trail in the Lake Tahoe basin? 

Right now, It's pretty much and evenly split between magic carpet and first ride. Depending on which kid I'm taking up and down.

What's an extreme sport you like watching or participating in? 

We are skiers, and I'm a bike junkie too. Not super extreme by any means. I'm getting old. 

When you're not working, how do you typically take advantage of a nice day in Tahoe?

Pope beach, in the summer. It's just to easy to ride the bikes with the kids. Winter, is the California lodge. We rotate out with the kids and they love it there. A blue bird powder day is by far my most sought after but that's not just any old nice day!!

What do you like best about working at South Lake Brewing Company?

Meeting the community, the beer, and the anticipation of whats to come for us as a company

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