Can, can, can we fill some cans? With the help of The Can Van, yes we can and we did! On Friday, January 12th, we made SLBC history with our very first round of canning 4-packs of 16 ounce cans! 

Who is The Can Van?

Based out of the Bay Area, The Can Van is a mobile canning service for craft breweries. This mobile-service was founded by a team of five friends with a passion for craft beer, a love for sustainability, and the desire to help local businesses.  

Why The Can Van?

Because they're awesome. Duh. 

Also, because they provide the equipment, materials, staff, and experience for canning beer. That means less money and time wasted for us. Although, we didn't want to miss our very first canning day so the brewers and owners decided to join the fun. 

The whole process for canning is pretty amazing to watch. From start to finish, their apparatus takes one minute to can 33 beers. When moving continuously with the can van staff and 3-4 bodies from the SLBC crew, we were able to fill a pallet of beers in less than 2 hours! 

"Participating in the packaging of our beer cans was a great day. Jenn Coyle and her team are rockstars. We were expecting the canning to take 12+ hours and a huge learning curve on our end. We were so wrong! The Can Van team arrived early in the morning and we were completely done and sending them off by that afternoon. The Can Van crew ran the canning line and our team packaged all of the filled cans into 4-packs, cases, and palletized them. It was so much fun to create an "assembly line" of sorts and experience the manufacturing of our beer." - Nicole Smith, Co-Owner of SLBC

The first brew of our canning day was our brand new and delicious N.E. style IPA, the Chunderstruck. This Northeast-style IPA is brewed with flaked oats, fermented with an expressive yeast, and hopped with an avalanche of juicy hops to create a luscious tropical fruit bomb of a beer. Notes of stone fruit, bright tangerine, and tropical smoothie tomahawk through your palate; finishing with a soft and pillowy mouthfeel. 

Our second brew was our Angora IPA of course! This unfiltered modern IPA brewed with oats and white wheat is hopped with Mosaic, Centennial and Simcoe throughout. This beer finishes with notes of candied mango, ripe tropical fruits, and damp pine forest.

Here are some pictures of the process and our first ever canning day:

Can Release Day was a huge success! As soon as we opened our doors, we had customers purchasing between one 4-pack to a whole entire case! Our 4-packs are still on sale at the tasting room. Come visit and grab our beer to-go before we run out of our inaugural new packaging!