Doyenne - "A woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field." 

 Doyenne, also known as one of Revision Brewing Company's latest releases - a Hazy DIPA. This DIPA is brewed with New England-style yeast and Simcoe, Galaxy, and a 5-hop blend designed by Pink Boots that gives this beer a big hop presence. A portion of proceeds from this brew will be donated to Pink Boots Society for scholarships to assist women in the industry expand their skills and knowledge. 

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The idea behind the creation of this beer was derived from a conversation between YCH Hops CEO, Mike Goettl, and Sales Manager, Kelly Lohrmeyer. With a shared passion of supporting women in the beer industry, they wanted to find a way to encourage more involvement. Their conversation led to a partnership with the Pink Boots Society. Together, YCH Hops and Pink Boots Society came up with a blend of hops which was sold nationally to commercial brewers prior to National Women's Day. Their hopes was to raise money for the Pink Boots Society, as well as see how commercial brewers would take their blend and create their own unique brews. 

The Pink Boots Society is a nationwide nonprofit organization who supports women in the brewing industry, through scholarships, seminars, classes, certifications, and more! 

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to participate in a women's brew day at Revision Brewing Company in Reno, NV. Prior to Women's Brew Day, we each participated in our own SLBC employee brew days to get a bit more of a grasp on how our favorite beverages are made. With that information at the back of our minds, we were excited to see how Revision's brew process worked, meet fellow women in the industry, learn more about the Pink Boots Society, and help create the "Doyenne." 

Upon our arrival to Revision Brewing Company, we were greeted by friendly faces from breweries such as 10torr, 50/50, Alibi, Revision, and a few others. Thanks to Revision Brewing Company and the Pink Boots Society, there were 20+ of us who got the opportunity to meet up with one another and together create this amazing beer for such an empowering cause. 

Fast forward to today, we are proud to announce that the Doyenne was just released a few days ago at Revision Brewing Company and we cannot wait to get our hands on some to try! If you are in the area, we encourage all of you to do so as well. Cheers!