We’ve add some new additions to SLBC! Meet Jordan Ondrea, one our newest members of the brew crew! Check out our interview down below with him to learn more about this lovable and adventurous spirit.


1) What's your favorite brewery, aside from SLBC? 

I moved to Oregon a long time ago (5yrs) and there I really saw the craft world open up! I had the opportunity to try so many beers that each struck a cord for me, most of them house held names now. Double mountain is totally one! Secondly I always loved Breakside, from when they first started to what they are now.

2) What interested you in craft beer?

Craft beer for me rode 2nd hand to the world in-which I came from. Art and skateboarding, small odd crafts that most of my friends or people I knew did when not in school or skating. It was an underground scene when I came into it and I love it for the skill and process.

3) What is your favorite SLBC beer?

I’m a big time fan of that yellow glowing, fog nozzle, the subtle notes if fruit on a very tasty ipa steal me.

4 )When did you move to Tahoe?

I’m so new to Tahoe that tourist might of been here longer. 20days and counting

5) What is your favorite trail in the Lake Tahoe basin?

Trails? I’m learning them, but I’ve personally done some running up and back on Van Sickle!

6) What's an extreme sport you like watching or participating in?

I’m a sideways for life kinda guy, started skateboarding early. It was always love at first sight. Somewhere on that road I met up with Wakeboarding! My good friend from high school who rode pro, let me on with him and it just became another fun evening event until I competed. Some years later I moved west, the lake time got less and less and snow become avid. I now live in Tahoe to push myself each winter in my newest of sideways sports - Snowboarding.

6) How do you typically take advantage of a nice day in Tahoe? 

So far in my 20 days I’ve taken on 4 jobs, I heard that’s crazy. I’m enjoying it. But if I find a short time to play I’m running the bike route to Fallen Leaf and on return back, stopping to cool my shin splints in the lake by Pope. Blue Granite has been home to me for anything I’ve needed so you may just find me there.

7) What do you like best about working at South Lake Brewing Company?

SLBC felt like a fit. I walked in and saw it.. It was like a family. (When you’re here, you’re family) I like a family bond when I’m so far from home.