This is not your grandparents bingo. Help raise $$ for the new Lily Lake Trail starting construction this week! This trail will connect Angora Ridge to Lily Lake with some of the most stunning views on the South Shore. It will allow a number of new loops and connections in the Fallen Leaf, Tahoe Mountain and Angora Ridge area. Come help build this trail with a beer and bingo card!

More about The Great Bingo Revival From the Powder Mag Story: 
Like the beginning of any other skier's story, Rusty Reams found his way to Tahoe in 2003 after college to ski. "I moved out here because of the mountain-lake culture, the deepest storms, the legendary history, Shane McConkey," says Reams. "It just made sense."

But he stayed for the bingo.

Where most see bingo as a game for the elderly (it’s excellent during senior social hour), Reams saw an opportunity to create a revival. Based out of Squaw Valley, Reams has spent the last five years convincing skiers that bingo is their game, too.

As it turns out, bingo is a great way to entertain mountain towns mid-week at night. And the hours open up his days to get on the hill. "People get creative as ski bums," says Reams. "Some people work as musicians, some as dishwashers...I bingo." He gets in 100-plus days of skiing a year and works nights by hosting a twist of the game that he says "ain't your Grandma's bingo."

Reams' bingo is an amalgamation of funk, lights, dancing, laughter, and a packed house. He is inspired by a '70s theme--think Saturday Night Fever meets George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. DJs are dressed in 'sweatsedos' and bumping out funk tunes. 'Bingo-go' dancers are in gold sequins, flared bell bottoms, and giant wigs.

Acting as his stage persona, called 'The Reverend,' Reams is on stage calling out numbers with a tambourine, gavel, air-ball machine, a tailored three-piece suit, and a fedora. He has a thick handle-bar mustache and a long red mane of hair.

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