It's another fun BINGO night at South Lake Brewing Co! Rusty Reams, professional BINGO MC extraordinaire, will be back Wednesday, January 23rd, from 6PM-9PM. Great prizes for each game. Food Vendor to be determined.

Our goal for the night is to raise money for the Tahoe Tails and Trails Rescue Sanctuary while having as much fun as possible doing so!

About Tahoe Tails and Trails Rescue Sanctuary:

We are a new 501(c)(3)non profit domestic animal sanctuary. Our day care and boarding has been in business for 10 years and we are now expanding to rescue and educational programs for kids. 

We are fundraising to purchase land and build our facility. Our focus will be on elderly and injured animals, and incorporating children and adults into their daily lives until they find there forever homes or live on the ranch with us. At the ranch we will be offering, re homing, Physicall rehabilitation, kids summer camps, after school programs, interactive programs for disabled children as well as a lot of volunteer programs for kids and adults. 

If you aren't aware of Rusty Reams and the Great Bingo Revival, well:

"Reams' bingo is an amalgamation of funk, lights, dancing, laughter, and a packed house. He is inspired by a '70s theme--think Saturday Night Fever meets George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. DJs are dressed in 'sweatsedos' and bumping out funk tunes. 'Bingo-go' dancers are in gold sequins, flared bell bottoms, and giant wigs.

Acting as his stage persona, called 'The Reverend,' Reams is on stage calling out numbers with a tambourine, gavel, air-ball machine, a tailored three-piece suit, and a fedora. He has a thick handle-bar mustache and a long red mane of hair."

Costumes (70's-style) for this event are highly encouraged and costumers will receive 10% off beer all night long!